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 Melbourne Australian Local time….Postage anywhere in the world pending on country will be posted on time from THE office..we accept only Australian dollars through PayPal!… ring through details on this website..CURRENT PRICES FOR ITEM SENT AIR MAIL ITEM extra $15.00 AUSTRALIAN INSIDE AUSTRALIA ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE WORLD $30.00 EXTRA AUSTRALIAN AIR MAIL NOTE ITEMS OVER $770 DOLLARS AUSTRALIA OUR POSTING IS FREE OF COST TO YOU FROM THIS COUNTRY.  items purchase have a choice of cd of mp3 over 100 song, or a usb of never released up until this day recording 20 songs on usb, which is included in cost. State the item listed name plus extra cd or usb or state mistery prize. If collecting from the office no charge for postage of course. be with health, be safe, be happy, it will be better  have no stress execrise keep in contact with those you love and be with more with more health. My business currency is paypal the e mail address is place your order i will send invoice once paid in full, it will be posted within a few days at the post office. health happiness balance and be safe. Sam regards