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All books are now on line in the store, printed and editing, printed in Victoria Australia. There are many albums and books released over the years. released 26th April 2023 REVISITING LOVE BY SAM GREEN AND THE COMMON GROUND also released 26th April 2023 also REVISITING LIFE BY SAM GREEN AND THE TIME MACHINE both albums worthy for collection as many i have done.

No problem be happy. Are you having a venue and need a great voice for the happening. I may be your man. I can not turn roses in to wine but for a small price can sing and entertain e mail or leave message if nice will ring back

This web site store has t shirts art all kind of books download of music cds usb of our music all written and produce by Sam Green other music can be found on amazon apple music and spotify mainly.


Sam Green is a name that has been in the media spotlight for years. Formed his first band at a young age writing ever since, one thing is for sure: Sam Green is out there on the cutting edge of time. He has written books, albums, designed graphics and made film clips, is a gift to share tall reviewed most kindly in a good positive light. His stage presence is second none. When it comes to the arts, Sam Green is a king of the stage.
Sam Green ^Time Machine finds common ground he is a musician, poet, singer, DJ on radio, songwriter, as well as being a famous writer of books, soulful music tunes with words, and light version earth found films. He has been in the spot light for years and still carries weight in his viewpoints trying to calm waters. People say he is a man for all seasons. Being born in Australia before great airplanes landed in the airport of Melbourne. Some time ago long ago white sails sailed with my relations came in the time of the gold rush both sides some Greens may have come with the first fleet. But both his parents were born in Europe.
Sam Green is a name that’s been in the calm light of studies for years – first trying to be an actor then musician part time. Creatively producing music and planet waves. As somewhat verse as a star by hobby reading and the study of the ancient books of old sometimes new, often uses this knowledge of the trends to help others make the right decisions of net worth for our planet.
Sam Green is well-known as a successful filled artist in the industry being ground by time, there are a few of us with the same name trading under the same name in many countries but Sam was the first artist singer in 1973 having sung in youth there are a lot of Sam Green yet he owes the dot com. His work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, albums, films, as sound tracks, and stage productions across other nations his tunes are sung. His sound tracks was play on western Army radio many times on helicopters going in to war. His music was played in-wards to heal wounded his music would played. He is considered a master of voice, and his work has won him critical acclaim and numerously praised.
Sam Green is an artist who writes designs and records. All of his books and music are listed under three different names – Sam Green, Sam Green and the Time Machine, and Sam Green and the Common Ground. He has 13 books and 33 albums the music is available on line shops around the globe, as well as other outlets around the world. Due to wanting to receive royalties to go on tour from his work and calling to heal the planet dreams do not always come to pass. If you like what he does, please consider organizing a concert or happening as he is independent with a body of work. Love to form a band to employ and not be ripped off so many before like so many artist in this world.
The music on line looking for radio and media to get the wheels turning right. If you pay for a CD it can be heard in free time or driving round. The sound for easy poetic calming listening touching on folk soul jazz
Here is another notes like for an ad.
You may have never seen anything like this before.
Looking for a unique piece of art to hang on your wall?
Take a step back and appreciate Sam Green and his unique art skill creative medium of images on canvas. Bright en-lighting masterpieces, as they are graphic Venn diagrams scenes that appeal in different moments in healing headspace time, each offering its own good sense of balance and harmony.
These pieces are a unique blend of abstract and realism, mixing the old with the new to create a feeling of balance and sense of timelessness forever, healing in its way.
Sam Green places pieces in inspired by time and space balanced in the newness of that feeling better and for healing. One user a variety of mediums to create one-of-a-kind pieces from the study of time that will add personality to any room.
All of the art is created with the intention of promoting and inspired to light view of peace and well-being in your world. We hope that you’ll feel compelled to bring some peace into your life, soon.
Hang one of these art work medium on your wall and you’ll be able to enjoy its serenity every time just by passing the eye on and breathing in. Plus, it will make a beautiful addition to your home decor.
A piece of art who could ask more that to add to living life all most always be in style, no matter what the trends are. These pieces will make your home feel more like you want –they are unique and interesting.
Purchase a piece of art here on line from Sam Green today. Sam Green studied horological studies at R.M.I.T. for seven years getting top marks in the last years of the course.
Order now and receive your item. If paid for, all the shipping is through Australian Post office service which is delivered once a week. Most items that is on all orders within Australia and linked overseas
Purchase an original piece of art or designed t-shirt do that from Sam Green and the Time Machine ( common ground ) Advance Australia today fair!
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Concerts for good folk or
Having a good time is priceless
Sam Green and the Time Machine ( Common Ground ) invites you to hire his one-man extravaganza for your musical entertainment and enjoyment.
Green, a Melbourne singer-songwriter-performer of over some 40 years, will put on an hour of enjoyment-filled, foot-tapping’ concert for you or your organizations pleasure. Audiences at elderly groups, charity and volunteer groups, service groups and clubs are his specialty, and his reasonable charges reflect his ideals of community, peace, friendliness and enlightenment.
Sam Green, who has written and produced several of his own CD albums including I Think its About Time, Players All Are We, and Love, Love, Love, is available for hire by for a flat fee of $300 plus $10/head for each bum on a seat. So, for example, if 25 attend the total fee is $550. Or 1000 attending the total fee of $10,300. For this, each audience member will receive a value-packed professionally produced Sam Green CD containing more than 100 tracks. To transfer to your phone music device or computer to play again and again for enjoyment
Contact Sam samgreen@bigpond.com or leave a message at 0412564404 will get back … for a friendly, peaceful discussion on how to get him to put a smile of pleasure into your audience.
Web site www.samgreen.com

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For Sam Green Live book a head. Work is work, will be honour the work I do.
Long life and health happiness and music for the soul to sing listen and dance the dance of life. TO LIFE

Music Book available from author at office or post

Looking for a Music Books!! Here it is!! In the office to send to you!!

The gift of life is sweet be in health and happiness Sam Green Beautiful Sayings in words and Music, about Life and World

Colour my world with Sam Green in music words films and art

Sam Green says I hope that love will find you


There must be more
Then having coffee in the morning
There must be times when
I can leave it for freedom to the bean
Take my washing to the river of life
Take my house where I belong
All I have is the sunshine on my body
To find the thing to live again in a place
Sometimes not to swim
Against the tide and current
This I call my eternal vision
To keep my clothes clean
If the world was not there to help
I would go on into business
To feed the heart and live on
An island would be a calling
Where would I see my service
I can think of who or where
Life is not living alone
Life is to do things that need to be
If I play my cards right
The heart will not pass me by
Catching morning brake in motion
The eye can for fill ,in dreams
Time and tide the heart beats
In motion beating to the clock
Ours is the understanding
The rains need to fall in season
Needing of seeds and laughter
The need to smile again
Each has reason between the story
Each soul is different and living
Sam Green 27.05.2023 4.06pm Saturday


If need be ring Sam Green 0412564404 or international dial +61412564404 leave message will get back For all your needs.

Connect, for private concert ring connect direct. We can work it out. Sam Green international +61412564404 LEAVE MESSAGE AND NUMBER WILL GET BACK
Melbourne singer-songwriter-artist Sam Green, who was born in this world, does like to be a part of a community and/or part of a creative production company.
Call me, Sam Green direct or go through a booking agent on this Australian number +61 ( 0 ) 412 564 404.
Green bits the video is further down the page.
Sam needs a positive mind association and promotion just to get things right.
For a one-hour show and one hour setting up. Confirmation of the booking date is required. I have insurance, and, if you have insurance, there will be no problem. Let us make a happy happening.
I can write arrange with art work cover and release any song which you may want to your technical specs wav data file mp4 mp3 or current format and can all so do GREAT video clips. I can film and edit, too included mostly. Let’s discuss using your script or mine (negotiable). I can write a new book, if you like my twisted of phrase. It’s not quirky, ain’t it? Can deliever.
Conditions currently apply if a performance is outside Melbourne metropolitan area.
For more details get the catalogue. Look down the page where it says JOIN and click the green writing to download a PDF file.
I will be happy to talk to you about a concert or project. Many of my books, films and music are online under Sam Green and the Time Machine, and Sam Green and the Common Ground , Amazon, Spotify and other outlets. Love Google, and they love me.
Be Green, Be Wise, Be Healthy, look after your well being. For any services you need, contact me by phone in working hours on +61 0412 564 404. if new e mail for an appointment.
Currently broadcasting as a DJ from Melbourne, Australia, where I am an announcer on J-AIR radio (88FM) and have a weekly program each Sunday at 9pm to 10pm.
If you ask for help, you know you can trust together as one.
Australia is the place to visit if you cannot stay in time, visit enjoy
The words to speak in truth. We are all doing fine.
Call +61 ( 0 )412 564 404
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Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5 pm
All times Australian eastern. (We are sorry for any inconvenience if you’re calling from overseas.) Check google for Melbourne Australian time.


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