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Giving insight to live in harmony. Strengthening the heart to live longer with a younger mind still in tact. Sam Green (singer/songwriter) studied at Mt Zion Yeshiva in Jerusalem for one year. Previously, he studied horology for 10 years at RMIT University and was an apprentice through his father. He studied martial arts for 12 years in Melbourne. He found light and insight whilst changing his path of life. He continued to live with peace, harmony and finding purpose in life. All his books (printed in Victoria, Australia) are only sold exclusive on this website. There are many music recorded albums on Spotify, iHeart radio and other outlets. Three new music albums projected release out April 9th 2024: They are HEAVEN KNOWS WE CARE BY SAM GREEN 9 TRACKS. BIRD WATCHING IN TIME BY SAM GREEN AND THE COMMON GROUND 19 TRACKS, SOUL FOOD FOR THE HEART BY SAM GREEN AND THE TIME MACHINE 21 TRACKS


Sam Green and the Common Ground Seek Venue for Live Performance

Melbourne, Australia – Sam Green and the Common Ground, also known as the Time Machine, This talented man, known for the soulful tunes and insightful lyrics, Sam is eager to share their music with a new audiences.

Sam Green, the singer songwriter, has a rich history in the music industry. He has released numerous albums under three different names – Sam Green, Sam Green and the Time Machine, and Sam Green and the Common Ground. His work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, albums, films, and stage soundtrack productions across nations.

As a special offer,apply.
Potential venues in Melbourne that could host this event include any venue theatre in Melbourne if they agree. Each of these venues offers a unique ambiance that could complement this singer songwriter’s performance.

Interested venues are encouraged to contact Sam Green directly for bookings. This is a fantastic opportunity to host this expo that is not only of talent but also deeply committed to creating music that promotes harmony and balance.

For more information about Sam Green and the Common Ground, please visit the official website or their YouTube channel.

About Sam Green and the Common Ground Sam Green and the Time Machine is a Melbourne-based company led by Sam Green. Known for the soulful music and insightful lyrics, the gig has a strong following both in Australia and internationally.

Contact Sam Green Phone: Melbourne Australia Sam direct 0412 564 404 Website:

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Sam Green is a name that has been in the media spotlight for years. He formed his first band at a young age and has been writing ever since. When it comes to the arts, Sam Green is a king of the stage.
Sam Green is a creator of soulful music tunes and light version earth found films. He has been in the spot light for years and still carries weight in his viewpoints trying to calm waters. People say he is a man for all seasons. He was born in Australia before great airplanes landed in the airport of Melbourne. Some time long ago white sails sailed with my distant relatives who came in the time of the gold rush.
Sam Green is a name that’s been in the calm light of studies for years – first trying to be an actor then musician part time. Planet harmonious waves are seen in verses of what he produces. He has a hobby of reading the study of the ancient books of old (and sometimes new) history and often uses this knowledge of the trends to help others make the right decisions for our planet.
There are a few of us trading under the same name in many countries but Sam Green was the first artist in 1973 having sung in his youth. His work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, albums, films, as sound tracks, and stage productions across other nations his tunes are sung. His sound tracks was played on Western Army radio, and many times on helicopters going in to war. His music was played in hospitals to heal the wounded.
Sam Green is an artist who writes designs and records. All of his books and music are listed under three different names – Sam Green, Sam Green and the Time Machine, and Sam Green and the Common Ground. He has 7 books in release and 34 albums of music is available. Due to wanting to receive royalties to go on tour from his work and calling to heal, the planet dreams do not always come to pass, but we may hope. If you like what he does, please consider organizing a concert or happening as he is independent with a body of work.
He loves easy poetic calming music and listening to touching folk soul jazz.
Looking for a unique piece of art to hang on your wall?
Take a step back and appreciate Sam Green and his unique art skill creative medium of images on canvas. Bright en-lighting masterpieces, as they are graphic Venn diagrams scenes that appeal in different moments in healing headspace time. They each offer their own good sense of balance and harmony.
These pieces are a unique blend of abstract and realism, mixing the old with the new to create a feeling of balance and sense of timelessness forever.
All of the art is created with the intention of promoting and inspiring peace and well-being in your world.
We hope that you’ll feel compelled to bring some peace into your life.
Hang one of these art work medium on your wall and you’ll be able to enjoy its serenity. It will make a beautiful addition to your home decor
Green, a Melbourne singer-songwriter-performer of over some 40 years, will put on an hour of enjoyment-filled, foot-tapping’ concert for you or your organization’s pleasure.

Contact Sam or leave a message at 0412564404 will get back … for a friendly, peaceful discussion on how to get him to put a smile of pleasure into your audience.
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For Sam Green Live book a head. Work is work, will be honour the work I do.
Long life and health happiness and music for the soul to sing listen and dance the dance of life. TO LIFE

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The gift of life is sweet be in health and happiness Sam Green Beautiful Sayings in words and Music, about Life and World

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Be Green, Be Wise, Be Healthy, look after your well being. For any services you need, contact me by phone in working hours on +61 0412 564 404. if new e mail for an appointment.
Currently broadcasting as a DJ from Melbourne, Australia, where I am an announcer on J-AIR radio (88FM) and have a weekly program each Sunday at 9pm to 10pm.
If you ask for help, you know you can trust together as one.
Australia is the place to visit if you cannot stay in time, visit enjoy
The words to speak in truth. We are all doing fine.

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