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New printed Books and music on Amazon around the world under Sam Green and the Time Machine
The Whole Collection of Reflection by Sam Green and the Time Machine out on Amazon kindle around the world, this is the Australian link, but everywhere around the world in your countries Amazon. As other Sam Green and the Time Machine books and products


List of stage songs

Updated versions and arrangements

A little different each time ads to life


1 hour show too one and a half max.


Whiskey on your shoulder

Sailors lament


Time slip away( Ballad of a full man )

Both sides of the river

She’ll be right mate

If a rose

Life is so fine

All good children

Freedom in a song

Dance with me

Lemon tree

Climb over the mountain

If love is an apple

For the ocean

If The Ship Comes In

You and Me  ( Hugh and Me )


the artist known as Sam Green and the Time Machine


Wrote and released a few music albums in the music industry system

and three more books on Amazon books and Amazon kindle

All under Sam Green and the Time Machine


Picking up the pieces, work again

Recording, filming, writing and singing

Little activities on so called Music Industry committees.

Albums to many to count released, mostly album about every 5 months

Two film video released on disk format: The Unravels of Sam Green and the Time Machine, Left of Centre Stage Door

Active in many ways in arts for just being creative in field


Performed at The Butterfly Club – April 24th, 25th, 27th and 28th.


Performed at Wollongong.

Released “Reflections from the sun”.


Released “Love, love, love”.


Released “There’s a tree”.


Released seventh album.


Have released six albums all together on the net


Recorded new DVD.
Recorded film about Sam Green and the Time Machine (half hour special).
Recorded live at the Muse Bar DVD.


Filmed half an hour special channel 31 at Armadale Hotel
Played in concert at The Phoenix Theatre, Oct 5th
Broadcast interview from internet TV station


Played Espy Public Bar, video twice on channel 31.
Interviewed on GB radio and Hillside FM radio.
Played live to air on 3RRR FM at The Party Show, Aug 25th.
Played in concert at The Phoenix Theatre, Oct 5th.


Distribution through major USA music stores on the net
Five concerts at the Duke of Windsor
Reach number 3 on some music world charts
Produced video of I Think its About Time
Appeared at Arts Cafe St.Kilda
Video on channel two, nation wide on Rage
Video on NOW cable tv station from London


Playing CD on channel 31 test pattern
some air play on community radio stations
around the world
first one number on their charts on us gigs website
reached number 34 on world mp3 charts Australia
reached number 1 and 2 on world folk mp3 chart Australia
re-mixed Players All Are We on CD


Highbridge Hotel sold closed down
printed CD of “ I Think Its About Time “
Concert in Caulfield Park support
two thousand people watched
obtained domain name


Resident band, Sam Green & the Time Machine
At Highbridge Hotel, Saturday Nights
Made video clip, for Asylmn, Channel 31
Appeared August 26th


Released “ Players All Are We “ through
Cerebus Sound Australia, Internet company
1996 Appeared new year’s night channel 31
Made video played on Rage channel two


Live to air Southern FM
Voted Workshop co-ordinator of A.S.A.
made video played on Rage channel two
live to air 3CR
Appeared on Asylum channel 31 twice
One C. One concert
Host of Local and live (7 months) d.j. 3CR


Made video played on Rage channel two
Voted Workshop co-ordinator of A.S.A.
One C. One concert
Live to air 3 CR


Join A.P.R.A. ( Australia Performing Rights Association )


Printed single 45 rpm for the ocean and technology


Joined the Australian Songwriters Association ( A.S.A. )
Performed at A.S.A. meetings till 1995

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You may think it strange that I charge for my work, does not everyone.  Without question. I know and revaluing the value of my work. I have been high in the world charts it may have been for a moment I was. I am still free mostly because I wish to keep on with my own business away from the sharks at bay that were swimming by. There is good and bad in this world, most people are good. I try to keep the lighter side of happy with my words as a bond to express try to keep here in my journey and enjoy a peaceful life. I as the artist known Sam Green and the Time Machine is a registered business name as is Sam Green and the Common Ground and also to this me I am Sam Green in according to Australian and International treaty Laws.  NOTE Sam sometimes works for free if charity or good cause if he can income and most recording artist should charge in living expenses of that Sam may weight up to answer, it does not harm to ask in an honest living. Life should not be about fees to perform? Therefore as I only understand the money of my country I only deal with Australian dollars. But in interest my current fees must be paid in advance due to experience in this world without a heart. I give my word it will be safe until that appointment gig or happening.  My consulting fee  or interview is $27.00 Australian ( 20 minutes time ) on anything  or matter industry or state. Wisely I may know, if I can try to help from my viewpoint and can give advice or insight at lease. I also can write a new song and record for $845 of which I keep my copyright. As not to say I can not be infringed on my own work anyway. Other services are, I can write a speech for $770 of which I keep my copyright and charge extras in giving speech or singing or just appearing are $150 solo or $360 duo with a back up performance for within the state of Victoria. Other places $462 solo or $732 if called apon in duo act most places interstate in Australia performing songs or speech and TV broadcast, of which I keep my copyright as not to be fined. There is a Fee currently of $18000 solo or $27000 duo back up for other places outside Australia in the world pending if my birth right and citizenship is honoured. I will pay hotels transport food and flight as well as tax in this deal. This is my fee, please bare in mind should you wish more than one or two performances for more than one city needs to be reviewed and can be negotiable. To be safe book direct and for interviews for  ring Sam Green and his office  0395321694 or international +6139321694 during business hours monday to friday 9 am to 5pm Melbourne local time  Australia, just look it up on google. as I said all fees must be in advance l hold insurance as you must. hold insurance everything must be above board receipts given as fact

Australian independent owned business Community Company as of June 30th, 2018 establish as business 1992

Run down Fees are paid through PayPal or bank transfer to account in advance. Must send copy to our office. Ring to verify:

  • 20 minute consultation
  • record write new song draft twice
  • speech to draft twice
  • can perform in Victoria
  • can perform other states
  •  international performance
  • I pay transport, food, hotel, or motel
  • performance insurance
  • get there on time
  • legal business, here to serve
  • have a good time. Currently insurance anywhere in the world except Canada and USA more expensive need only if arranged tour, currently policy Performers Liability insurance and other covers too
  • try to book a head, invest in your happiness

Ring Sam Green and his office +61412564404         ask for land line

book an appointment to talk, leave message

Current only accept  bank transfer PayPal or cash. only legal with receipt Filming rights and broadcast rights can be an extra small fee pending.

no e mail RING

My “In” Office Hours are as follows:
Monday: 9:30 a.m-11:30 a.m
Tuesday: 11:30-3:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 9:30 a.m-11:30 a.m., 1:30-3:30 p.m
Thursday: 12:30-2:30 p.m.
Friday: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

new world, security and peace of mind

Sincerely best for you.


Be at peace
Live life in harmony

Member of the creative Australian music industry to the World