All copyright signed as for royalties have been signed were the seller of the my product that of music and books give me 70 percentage of the profit less the sundries for expense to get that which should workout that I receive 50 percent of  that profit. In Australian laws at that time of signing a citizen who is a writer can not get under 50 percent of profit as in America one can not get over 50 percent of profit. Even though I have made the product to be released

In the clause that I own all copyright and holding of my copyright, which I may hirer or pay points in copyright. The apra/amcos signing says that hold the copyright in my name assigning the copyright  in holding that they may collect. In some forms 25 percent for the collection fee too obtain the amount of the fee owning to  me the artist singer songwriter and holder of the copyright of which being a full member do be collected and forward on to me. Fees are collected in two ways performance or public air play and uses apra only a small admissions fee by performance and through amcos collecting fees through association that collect fees. With all my releases at present I receive $7.50 a year from one company in a America. I do all the work videos recording pay helper workers pr pay for guitars pa run a car a house

My releases are

Peace and Harmony                               Sam Green and the Time Machine

Baked Beans ( 432 Hertz )

Climb Over the Mountain

Come my Brothers and Sisters


For the Good of All

For the Road of Healing is Deep within

Hoch Poch Album

Hundreds of Miles

I Don’t Know

I Think its about Time

Is There Any Peace

Love Love Love

Music for Sound Track Please clear first    volume one

Music for Sound Track Please clear first    volume two

Music for Sound Track Please clear first    volume three

Music for Sound Track Please clear first    volume four

Music for Sound Track Please clear first    volume five

Words for the Wise

Out of the Fire I am Free and Live

Phone Cal

Players All are We

Reflections from the Sun

Ten Parts of the Journey

The Time Has Come Again

The Vwedding Album

There’s a Tree

Which Way is Left?

Released Books

Under             Sam Green and the Time Machine

The Whole Collection of Reflection

Go Tell Me on the Mountain

A Novel Way of Getting Back. Notes from the Edge

How I Avoid the Void

Collection of Poems part one

Collection of Poems part two

Collection of Poems part three

A Day in  a Thought

Books working on

The Five Books of Sam Green

The Picture Book

Book of Founations

Unreleased  before was a full member of APRA/AMCOS

Albert Park

Backing Tracks

Demo Players All Are We

Drowning in A Sea of Life

I an Who I am

I can Dream

I Work

If A Rose

If Love is a Flow

If You Come

I’m Drinking

Just Dance On

Let Me Go

Like a Hand With a Glove

Rivers Banks of Time

Sam and Steve

Tell Me That You Love

So Close You Eyes

The Greatest Gift of All

The Rain and I

The Water  is Wide

Unrooted First

White Dove of Tomorrow

2nd 7 Albums on mp3s format cd

3rd 6 album mp3s  format cd

Six album classic mp3 format

Music without words

Green Moss band

Hundreds of Miles

July Album

Live at the Muse

Albums release under Salaam Shalom Green

Later releasing under Sam Green and the Time Machine

Love Love Love

The Time Has Come Again

There many be others too

Anything I missed ask me if its me


List of stage songs

Updated versions and arrangements

A little different each time ads to life


1 hour show too one and a half max.


Whiskey on your shoulder

Sailors lament


Time slip away( Ballad of a full man )

Both sides of the river

She’ll be right mate

If a rose

Life is so fine

All good children

Freedom in a song

Dance with me

Lemon tree

Climb over the mountain

If love is an apple

For the ocean

If The Ship Comes In

You and Me  ( Hugh and Me )


the artist known as Sam Green and the Time Machine


Wrote and released a few music albums in the music industry system

and three more books on Amazon books and Amazon kindle

All under Sam Green and the Time Machine


Picking up the pieces, work again

Recording, filming, writing and singing

Little activities on so called Music Industry committees.

Albums to many to count released, mostly album about every 5 months

Two film video released on disk format: The Unravels of Sam Green and the Time Machine, Left of Centre Stage Door

Active in many ways in arts for just being creative in field


Performed at The Butterfly Club – April 24th, 25th, 27th and 28th.


Performed at Wollongong.

Released “Reflections from the sun”.


Released “Love, love, love”.


Released “There’s a tree”.


Released seventh album.


Have released six albums all together on the net


Recorded new DVD.
Recorded film about Sam Green and the Time Machine (half hour special).
Recorded live at the Muse Bar DVD.


Filmed half an hour special channel 31 at Armadale Hotel
Played in concert at The Phoenix Theatre, Oct 5th
Broadcast interview from internet TV station


Played Espy Public Bar, video twice on channel 31.
Interviewed on GB radio and Hillside FM radio.
Played live to air on 3RRR FM at The Party Show, Aug 25th.
Played in concert at The Phoenix Theatre, Oct 5th.


Distribution through major USA music stores on the net
Five concerts at the Duke of Windsor
Reach number 3 on some music world charts
Produced video of I Think its About Time
Appeared at Arts Cafe St.Kilda
Video on channel two, nation wide on Rage
Video on NOW cable tv station from London


Playing CD on channel 31 test pattern
some air play on community radio stations
around the world
first one number on their charts on us gigs website
reached number 34 on world mp3 charts Australia
reached number 1 and 2 on world folk mp3 chart Australia
re-mixed Players All Are We on CD


Highbridge Hotel sold closed down
printed CD of “ I Think Its About Time “
Concert in Caulfield Park support
two thousand people watched
obtained domain name


Resident band, Sam Green & the Time Machine
At Highbridge Hotel, Saturday Nights
Made video clip, for Asylmn, Channel 31
Appeared August 26th


Released “ Players All Are We “ through
Cerebus Sound Australia, Internet company
1996 Appeared new year’s night channel 31
Made video played on Rage channel two


Live to air Southern FM
Voted Workshop co-ordinator of A.S.A.
made video played on Rage channel two
live to air 3CR
Appeared on Asylum channel 31 twice
One C. One concert
Host of Local and live (7 months) d.j. 3CR


Made video played on Rage channel two
Voted Workshop co-ordinator of A.S.A.
One C. One concert
Live to air 3 CR


Join A.P.R.A. ( Australia Performing Rights Association )


Printed single 45 rpm for the ocean and technology


Joined the Australian Songwriters Association ( A.S.A. )
Performed at A.S.A. meetings till 1995