Sam Green & The Time Machine 6 Albums in MP3 format


Price includes Free Postage in Australia!

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  1. Galang

    Hey Gwen, I’ve already teakld with you on the phone, but I thought I’d answer for everyone else’s benefit No, we are only meeting right now on Saturday mornings. We’d love to get a weekday afternoon pick-up going, and we did try this past spring, with not enough interest yet. We may try again Spring 2012!

    • Sam Green

      Galang you wrote to me 20.12.2012 sorry i am one man operation. Like a fish swimming the water of now. WE are all learning, now i know where to look and answer you people. As for can see on my web site i am coming out with a new album the one which you were looking has 6 albums mp3 18 australian dollars send to you, with mail that i pay. Yes we are all just children in a garden learning to swimm. Time travels. By the way the prices i quote, is just just for your listening pleasure. Whatever the case, health happiness and good coffee, i like coffee
      kind Regards if you fill in the form and pay paypal it come to me and i send it out in around 6 or 7 days. All the best sam Green

    • Sam Green

      hi writing back from 20.12.2013 the music and product i send out or you download is enjoy by many. Sorry for not manning this part of the net. i spend a lot of time writing and proforming. i notice that you were looking at the mp3 six album cd, fine value, recorded well in studios. i have had air play around the world, and live and perform from time to time in Melbourne, my home town. you know i will be manning the web site, as i have a new album. hoping for the best, in health and well being, if buying on line iTunes, cd baby or the hard disk from me here. All the best in time Sam Green and the Time Machine

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