Players All Are We


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The album was recorded in Studio Appreggio, Spain in April 23rd, 1994 and remixed in 2000.

The artists accompanying Sam on this album came from four corners of the globe to produce and record Players All Are We for your enjoyment.


  1. Guilherme

    Actually, you can like the show on Facebook too. Search for Food Network Lite and you can get updates there as well! Thanks for the suorppt!

    • Sam Green

      Good day, from Sam Green. I have a comment on my web site that is dated 29.10.2012 I am sorry about teeth problem. This old man was a watchmaker once, so its hands on, on line from now until older oin time. I hope this e mails you healthy, happiness. Any album I can send you, the price is $18 australia i pay mail to you. Or I am now on iTunes. The album you were looking was recorded in dat and its a fine album ( players all are we ) Whatever the case, sorry for late, very late answer from december 2012. We3 are children of the world. New album coming out soon. Kind Regards Sam Green and the Time Machine health happiness all good things kind regards

  2. Akosiame

    Perhaps some moderator would detlee unnecessary comments and lock the thread? By my observations, unnecessary comments would include all except first and previous to my current post. редактировалось: Sep 29 2011 08:22 AM UTC (79 д. назад)

    • Sam Green

      players all are we. Hello my product is on line through iTunes and cd baby…hard diskes are through me: date email 20.12.2012
      Every disk has a price of 18 australia dollars i post to you as i pay postage. bargain. Akosiame i see you are libraries, the music which i write does go down well
      easy on the mind and calming to the spirit. if you are buying hard diskes it is through my office here in Melbourne. If you fill in the forms, and transfer to me, i will post out with 6 to 7 days i pay for post
      welcome in health whatever the view. Be happy, for we are all children of this earth. kind regards sam green and the time machine

  3. Sam Green

    For a limited time as stated the album are $6.99

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