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About Sam

Is everyone just a busy and searching finding what needs to be known in some find the answer to the simple things of life. iTunes CDbaby and Amazon may find some of the answers.

I thought good company around and living life to some degree in a simple thought and a car transport finding to looks on stage and you hear a word or two a song or something that moves you to feel? How you belong even as a bird in flight singing. Its a song and something to share and this poet created in his own right has a voice and words to share is a time.

Life is a step forward and step another foot forward as always creating bands and the production companies he likes.

Sam Green likes to be a part of a community and part of a creative production company in his own ride at a young age and in 6th grade at State School Ripponlea state school he was privilege to run and be in charge of the program with his 8 millimetre camera making cartoons and films.

By the time of the 8th grade Central School and Recreation times in the mountains of the Dandenong hills near Melbourne just kicking ass singing for his breakfast lunch and tea. In the tents supplied in the camping facilities.

Always adventurous living life enjoying the Wilderness and the sounds of Wildlife talking taking pictures of wild. Wild animals plants alive with friends. Music was what his love is poetry to an extent as time is.

Later in mixing with Tom the world poet who is now in Texas USA but then in the eighties Tom who had a grant from the government here in Australia to pay and have a printing press where friends would go out into the streets of Melbourne giving out printed poetry for free.

Easy going life lit led in those days as pursuit of knowledge of living life a happiness you found oneself working. 5 days a week with the Sleep Poets of Australia willing based in Melbourne. Like everyone life is a journey hard times good times brush off the dust and keep pursuing on trying to.

Find performance and living hand to mouth a little joy from a smile from a song it was company. Giving reflection advise a little knowledge that we know we human beings are social animals. I think the more than animals within citizens of this world in the universe we have a right to be here which is expressed in. In many writings as well as Sam Green and the time machine’s statements.

Of living the life is just for living enjoy these few pages on the web and known that’s a Sam Green is published in many places there is much to see much to share why is living you can hiring I’ll be there in good conditions.

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Sam Green and the Time Machine is a registered business name as is Sam Green and the Common Ground and also to this Sam Green in according to Australian and International treaty Laws. Sam sometimes works for free if charity or good cause. Life should not be about fees to perform? As I only understand the money of my country I only deal with Australian dollars. But in interest my current fees must be paid in advance due to experience.  My consulting fee is $27.00 Australian ( 20 minutes time ) on anything I may know, I can try to help from my viewpoint and can give advice or insight. I also can write a new song and record for $840 of which I keep my copyright. Other services are I can write a speech for $720 of which I keep my copyright and charge extras in speech or singing or just appearing are $246 solo or $480 duo back up performance for within the state of Victoria. Other places $462 solo or $732 if duo act most places interstate in Australia performing songs or speech and TV broadcast, of which I keep my copyright. There is a Fee of $18000 solo or $27000 duo back up for other places outside Australia in the world pending if my birth right and citizenship is honoured. I will pay hotels transport food and flight as well as tax in this deal. This is my fee, please bare in mind should you wish more than one performance or more than one city needs to be reviewed and can be negotiable. To be safe book direct and for interviews for  Sam through  Michael co-worker 0420 283 424 or leave message if international +61420 283 424 during business hours of  Melbourne time zone which is Australian Eastern Coast time zone, look it up on google. as I said all fees must be in advance l hold insurance you must hold insurance everything must be above board receipts given as fact

Australian independent owned business Community Company as of June 30th, 2018

Run down Fees are paid through PayPal in advance:

  • $27.00 per 20 minute consultation
  • $840 record write new song draft twice
  • $720 speech to draft twice
  • $246 or $480 perform in Victoria
  • $462 or $732 perform other states
  • $18000 or $27000 international performance

Ring Michael co-worker +61420283424 or Ring Sam +61412564404

Current only PayPal or cash. Filming rights and broadcast rights can be a small fee pending.


It is time to be at peace
Live life in harmony

We are a Community Member of the Australian music industry to the World