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Who is Sam Green?

Sam Green images as a creative Artist. 30 years life as such has taught him in well surrounding. It was his father who would say that their hands have to be busy and always working not to think too much.
Although his father as those before his father was a poet and saw it as most in those days. It isn't in the geans despise those fathers beliefs. To some extent Sam Green made it. He went to same path as is Amazon sisters being written published both music and words around this globe finding enjoyment in entertainment.
As a young child in an Australia based youth movement that he was a part of growing up scene from 7 till 21 years of age develop the skill of writing songs and words to such an extent one can find his own magazine.
At the age of 14 years old his first publication magazine was called Ha Klum which basically means the nothing. Childhood paper words conveyed a message of peace and harmony it was published and given to members friends and associates for about a year.
Forth almost 2 year time recording music editing music was a hobby. As that stays with you and where the stage you were to some degree. Changing of the ways of the stage and found he did not perform until the age of 19.
There by mixing with Spanish musicians from Melbourne university contacts making up words as the women would dance to the beat of the Spanish music guitar.
Learning had brought in many places going through Sydney the desert of Sinai now Egypt, Jerusalem Israel, and Melbourne .
Mostly so far as his words and music have penetrated, to a small degree. Being independent through independent radio stations, pirate radio stations, even broadcasts in other medias performing when you can for pennies.
Or just for the smile of a woman a laugh company his age of a company reflects of friends by lit fires moonlight as a flames rose he would sing in tune bring joy and happiness. To many the kind soul that he had to be is.
As had a missing around those less privileged and spreading his philosophy of life to try and live in harmony is best. Yours is the can in its words and music convey a sense of wellbeing and a sense to live in harmony best you can appreciate the small things in life.
Like a sunrise or sunset simple food simple breathing the air not polluting the minds. As and clean swords see you at these days viewpoints and saying. What he can with the knowledge that you as an individual can and should have the right to choose your road that you take within the laws of the Universe and laws of nature and rise to the occasion to live life harmonic harmony.
Harmony is the essence mindful persuasion we share what we know and hope to dine that we can share that time together with a beer watching a film or that thing on TV life which is for living.



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Fun-filled performances, lay back soul lifting, much energy, and the added quality of appealing to a broad audience.
Can you envision Sam playing at your bar/pub/concert/festival/party/event/function?
Make a move and contact Sam directly and check out his catalogue.
Format: One hour show - Solo / accompanied / 3-5 piece band
Location: Melbourne / Country Victoria / Interstate*
Cost: $241 to $3653**
Gear: 2 x speaker Yamaha stage pass 300 and other single rechargeable pa speakers too***
*additional transportation and accommodation requirements shall be covered by the client
**price range dependant on the appropriate format. Does not include interstate costs
***supplied equipment will fill out most venues