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Songs from Sam Green’s songbook singing live 24 November 7.30pm in the Chamber of Kingston Arts Centre.
Here in Melbourne with Poets Bridget Allen and Dan Robertson plus Frances Wheeler songwriter
Kerry Susan Drake Director LDS Theatre inc

Bookings 0455105462
E-mail Kerry Susan Drake for tickets

it’s a happening

Limited seats.

Cost $20 per person includes a usb or cd with songs recording of Sam Green or $40 a family two adults and two  children. The recording given are mp3s suitable to play on most devices, if not all.

Human beings are govern by rhythms. From our pulsing heartbeat, to countless rhythms of our speech patterns. We are mesmerized by music, from lullabies to funeral songs, music is a part of our lives from the moment we come and go into this earth. So says Diane Snyder-Cowan in this field
Through life’s journey I have come to the conclusion that experience plays a part. I must try and do better for those around if I can. I’ve been on my death bed many times I have been therapeutically healed on my journey of life as such through music and words.
My office and home is such open to this service which I’m now offering.
Loved ones that wish, I can write a song together or try and put music to poetry where one can record sing, their voice or my voice, with a band solo or generated the music in most formats.
Leaving light for such that parents or family in general or even loved ones can reflect from time to time that ray of hope, the music long after that time has gone. In this such as giving music therapy as in healing. In doing this and reflecting the wishes of the bearer of the song writing, the hirer and the artist in general that loved ones in the living memory wishes to leave after that recording.
My experience on the stage of life is that my music has travelled a little bit past boundaries through many a media format mainly iTunes and Spotify. Being independent I have performed overseas and in Australia.
For many years I cared for my dear father and mother through the journey of elderly years until both their passing on in comfort. I wish to support community family values ahead and support can be in such endeavours as this.
My service is to our communities and people in general I thank you for your time as I post my address and my telephone number with my website if interested please review I’m sure it will be most beneficial thank you.
Kind Regards
Sam Green, registered business



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Fun-filled performances, lay back soul lifting, much energy, and the added quality of appealing to a broad audience.
Can you envision Sam playing at your bar/pub/concert/festival/party/event/function?
Make a move and contact Sam directly and check out his catalogue.
Format: One hour show - Solo / accompanied / 3-5 piece band
Location: Melbourne / Country Victoria / Interstate*
Cost: $241 to $3653**
Gear: 2 x speaker Yamaha stage pass 300 and other single rechargeable pa speakers too***
*additional transportation and accommodation requirements shall be covered by the client
**price range dependant on the appropriate format. Does not include interstate costs
***supplied equipment will fill out most venues