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Why does Sam Green called himself Sam Green"

Why does Sam Green called himself Sam Green
And the Time Machine, in relative many reasons and many tales
One is reason there were watchmakers in the familyI born in. Many around the whole
world as well as teachers, musicians hard workers in the structure of humanity.
For I have fallen in the river of life having had as reflection. In teaching of those before. As us all. As many say no man is an Island unto himself for there is only one way to learn?
Through stepping lightly with respect, there is education in knowing. Learning through the sands of time I am prefect and living, as trying my best to fit in like as a tree.
The soul and spirit have been touched and saved in time. As I have to give.
May be I should write a book. But as us all, we must all learn and try our best.
As for me I have produced my films and written writings which touch on the subject of life.
Every year, I am judged as reviewed in the book which is opened and move forward to the next year.
That is my belief. I am learning. Please respect this is my believe as I try respect your believes.
As long as we live in peace, balance, harmony, in love, of this our universe
There is room to grow, and that is why we have schools and the internet. We grow and learn.

Bookings 0412564404 direct. Remember Melbourne Victoria Australia local time when ringing
Step lightly first, with respect, fees are listed. Open to see with respect SMS or e mail

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NEWS FLASH Sam Green's new albums are now available to download on CD Baby & iTunes:

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I Think it's About Time, For the Good of All & other albums by Sam Green & the Time Machine.
The Time has Come Again, Love, Love, Love & other albums by Salaam Shalom Green.

CD Baby Albums:
I Think it's About Time by Sam Green & the Time Machine.
Love has it's Answers by Sam Green & the Time Machine.
For the Good of All by Sam Green & the Time Machine.
Love, love, Love by Salaam Shalom Green on CD Baby.
The Time Has Come Again by Salaam Shalom Green on CD Baby.

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Who is Sam Green?
Sam Green is a musician born in Australia who worked in sweat shops and assembly line for little return through hard conditions gain his rights to entry in the music industry by working behind others as in street poets and community services and broadcasts. Currently based in Melbourne Australia. He is known for being creative in voice and song, have performed in voice and song from a young age. Sam Green’s services can be hired for $1,100 for an hour show or $3,300 a full band. More than a passion, a way or light Sam does find himself giving to charities sometimes. Bookings book direct. Make a better world for yours mine and us. Let it be in peace, let it be in harmony, let it be in time, to make a better world. The mathematics of the music one gives is to give the light of freedom health and well-being, this is the point of view. And is why I perform, record and As I am an artist will you join us?



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