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Who is Sam Green?

Sam Green is a musician born in Australia who worked in some degree in sweat shops and assembly line for little return through hard conditions gain his rights to entry in the music industry in by working behind others as in street poets and community services and broadcasts.
Currently based in the South Eastern area Victoria in Australia. He is known for being creative in voice and song, have performed in voice and song from a young age.

More than a passion, a way of life or light Sam does find to himself giving to charities sometimes. By giving that to charities a percentage of the payment given thus balance for as to give and receive a gift to charity in both, a helping hands.
Bookings book direct 0412564404. Make a better world for yours mine and us. Let it be in peace, let it be in harmony, as in relaxation or point of reflection to know thy self in healing as be a good spirit soul to which the heart light creates. let it be in time, to make a better world. The mathematics of the music one gives is to give the light of freedom health and well-being, this is the point of view and to freedom as art. I am no saint but I am no demon too. It is that I perform, record, practice my art and
as I am an artist will you join us? And support, but only up to a point. Come if you can.
My life has been from darkness coming to light. As everyone must. We try, who we are again. Currently the best is to find in me in the markets in Melbourne if I am there. All transaction legal above board with work ethics and work permit.



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